Saturday, 18 October 2014

In 10 years.....

10 years seem so long but it is actually not. In 10 years, I will be 28 and at that time I will already finish my studies. I will be a successful young chemical engineer and living with my beautiful family. Studying engineering is not easy. Actually, studying is never easy no matter what course we are taking. I'm studying chemical engineering, so of course I want to be an engineer.They always say that being an engineer for a woman is not easy and will never be easy. But if we believe in ourselves, anything could happen. Besides that, I also want to travel all around the world experiencing other's country culture, life styles and visits their beautiful historical places. 


How am I going to be a successful engineer in 10 years time :

    • 1. I need to attend a four-year college and get a Bachelor of Science in engineering. It is the most basic requirement to become successful.  
    •           2. I also need to excel in math. Core courses for engineers may include: Differential Equations, Calculus, and Physics for Engineering. Prerequisites for these classes range from basic Algebra to Analytical Geometry.
    •            3. I need to obtain a Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from a respected college or university (which I am doing now)
    •           4. Take the FE, or Fundamentals of Engineering, licensure exam offered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Although licensure isn't mandatory, it may lead to greater success as a chemical engineer.
    •            5. Join the AICHE, or the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Attend professional conferences and stay on top of the latest news and research in my field.
    •            6. Take the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam in chemical engineering. This is the second exam required to obtain licensure as a professional chemical engineer. Taking the step to becoming a professional chemical engineer may place me in a higher salary range and allow me to work in more advanced chemical engineering positions.
    • That is some ways of how I am going to be an engineer. I really hope that I will achieve my goals and my dreams.

    • After I have become a successful engineer, I need to work hard so that I can become good and expert in engineer. Then, I can get a good position and great salary. After that, I can travel all around the world and experience many beautiful country with my love ones.

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